Sharon Kimizuka, P.E.

A T.E.E.M.'s President for the past ten years is a State of California registered Professional Engineer. Sharon has developed numerous SCADA graphic systems for sites ranging from small pump stations to major water & wastewater treatment plants. This experience has given Ms. Kimizuka an understanding of system operations and the type of information and graphics that operators need in order to make their SCADA system useful. Ms. Kimizuka has also prepared electrical and instrumentation specifications for the past nine years for various water and wastewater facilities.

Erik Burns, P.E.

A TEEM's Controls Engineer is a State of California Professional Engineer with six years of diverse experience in various industries including water and wastewater, manufacturing and power generation. Mr. Burns has worked as project engineer and manager for a control system house. He also has experience in PLC software and hardware engineering as well as a start-up field engineer.